Case Report

Two Cases Diagnosed with Tuberosclerosis in Neonatal Period


  • İpek Güney Varal
  • Nilgün Köksal
  • Hilal Özkan
  • Özlem Bostan
  • Onur Bağcı
  • Fahrettin Uysal
  • Zeynep Yazıcı
  • Pelin Doğan

Received Date: 07.01.2014 Accepted Date: 22.03.2014 J Pediatr Res 2014;1(4):229-232

Congenital heart tumors are very rare and the most common type is the rhabdomyoma. Frequency during autopsy is between 0.027-0.08%. Moreover 51-86% of these tumors are associated with tuberosclerosis. Also hamartomas might accompany, particularly on the central nervous system and skin, kidney, liver, lung and heart. In this paper, two cases diagnosed with tuberculosis who showed rhabdomyomas in fetal echocardiography in the antenatal period and were seen to have tubers in cranial magnetic resonance (MR) postnatally, are presented.

Keywords: Rhabdomyoma, tuber, tuberosclerosis, newborn

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