Case Report

The Association of Recurrent Peripheral Facial Palsy and Familial Mediterrenean Fever


  • Sanem Yılmaz
  • İlyas Aydın

Received Date: 04.07.2015 Accepted Date: 01.09.2015 J Pediatr Res 2016;3(1):60-62

Recurrent facial palsy is a rare disorder in childhood similar to adults. It can occur idiopathically as well as a result of nerve compression, infectious, inflammatory and vascular disorders. Familial Mediterrenean fever is a common disease in the Turkish population but neurological involvement such as headache, myalgia, demyelinationg lesions, aseptic meningitis, seizure or electroencephalographic abnormalities, is rarely reported. To date, peripheral facial palsy in association with Familial Mediterrenean fever is described in single cases both in adult and pediatric population. Moreover, recurrent peripheral facial palsy is described in only one pediatric case of Familial Mediterrenean fever.

Keywords: Familial Mediterrenean fever, peripheral facial palsy, recurrent, childhood

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