Nutrition in Pediatric Oncology Patients: A Systematic Review


  • Aslı Akdeniz Kudubeş
  • Murat Bektaş

Received Date: 15.04.2015 Accepted Date: 04.08.2015 J Pediatr Res 2016;3(1):1-6

This systematic review aimed to investigate the nutritional status of pediatric oncology patients. Medline/PubMed, EBSCO, Cochrane databases were searched for Pediatric oncology is to identify studies related to nutrition in patients between the years of 2005-2015. While browsing the literature, “pediatric oncology patients (pediatric oncology patients), children with cancer (cancer children), nutrition (food)” keywords are used. As a result of browsing carried out with the keywords fifty one articles were reached. The criteria of this article matches those of 9 studies. Approaches have been found to be effective in nearly all of the examined articles. The studies, sample size and where appropriate the methods used, data collection instruments that are valid and reliable, the results of the majority of the work seem to be clearly stated.

Keywords: Pediatric, oncology, nutrition

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