Original Article

Impact of a Refresher Training on Pediatric Nurses’ Realization of Their Roles and Functions


  • Mine Hizel Bahçeci
  • Ayda Çelebioğlu

Received Date: 03.11.2016 Accepted Date: 22.12.2016 J Pediatr Res 2017;4(3):130-136


To assess the impact of a refresher training provided to pediatric nurses on the realization of their roles and functions in their nursing practices.

Materials and Methods:

The study was planned as a single-group research with a pretest and posttest, and conducted over the period of June 2012-January 2014 in the children’s units of all the state hospitals in Northern Cyprus. All nurses (n=85) working in these units volunteering to participate in the study were recruited. The refresher training program on the roles and functions of pediatric nurses was carried out four days a week for two weeks. The mean scores on the pediatric nurses’ implementation of roles and functions inventory that was administered prior to and following the program were used to assess the realization of the nurses’ roles and functions.


The pediatric nurses’ implementation of their roles and functions showed a significant improvement following the program. It was determined that the nurse’s age had an impact on the subscale of the role of communicator and cooperator, and that the position of the nurse had an impact on the subscale of the role of counselor.


The results indicated that a program of regular and planned refresher training for pediatric nurses increased their awareness about the implementation of their roles and functions and consequently produced the potential of a positive impact on the nursing practice.

Keywords: Roles, pediatric nurse, refresher training

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