• Ahmet Keskinoğlu

J Pediatr Res 2023;10(4):0-0

A Step in the Quest for Knowledge and Meaning: The Impact of Earthquakes on Health

Dear Readers,

We have prepared this special issue with the aim of commemorating the memory of those lost in a monumental tragedy and reflecting our pursuit of knowledge to better cope with similar disasters in the future. The devastating force of an earthquake affects not only infrastructures but also the healthcare systems of societies and the lives of individuals. This issue strives to provide an in-depth exploration of the health implications of earthquakes.

Science and healthcare play a crucial role in rebuilding and healing societies in the aftermath of such natural calamities. Humanity must draw lessons from every disaster and apply these lessons to future emergencies. This issue not only analyzes the impacts of earthquakes on healthcare services but also delves into ways of being better prepared for such occurrences.

The articles we include address various aspects of the topic, encompassing the healthcare system, emergency response, trauma management, psychosocial support, and rehabilitation. We believe the scientific studies featured in this issue possess the potential not only to shape the present but also to shape the future.

However, we must not forget that this issue is not solely a scientific exploration but also a tribute to the lives lost. We extend our gratitude to all researchers and authors who have contributed to the creation of this issue.

In this issue you will find the opportunity to read article about childhood immune thrombocytopenia and autism spectrum disorder and a case report with neonatal purpura fulminans.

We hope that this publication will showcase the power of sharing knowledge and fostering societal unity, while shedding light on our preparedness for similar calamities in the future.

Ahmet Keskinoğlu