• Zülal Ülger Tutar

J Pediatr Res 2023;10(3):0-0

Dear JPR Readers,

We are pleased to share with you the third issue of “The Journal of Pediatric Research” in 2023. Here comes the autumn when leaves change color, trees become bare, humans and animals alike prepare for the cold winter that lies ahead.

French philosopher, author, and journalist Albert Camus once described the season as “the second spring, where every leaf is a flower”.

During the autumn months, allergies, flus, colds, and other ailments are common in the children.

While this season has an earthy beauty to it, it can also teach the children some valuable lessons about life. Here are some things children can learn from this season: “Accept change, appreciate what you have, let go, live life to the fullest, accept bad times as well as the good”. Children need simple tools to understand complex phenomena. We can use the metaphor of the trees and their falling leaves to teach a little child some valuable life lessons.

Third issue of JPR includes 10 interesting articles with different topics. First article entitled “Evaluation of Electrocardiographic Markers for the Risk of Cardiac Arrhythmia in Children with Obesity” concluded that the electrocardiographic risk markers used to predict cardiac arrhythmias were found to be increased in those children with obesity; Increased body weight and adiposity may have unfavorable effects on the cardiac conduction system. In the other study entitled “Evaluation of Vascular Involvement in Children with Celiac Disease” authors found that arterial stiffness and carotid intima media thickness measurements were higher in the celiac disease patients compared to the healthy controls. In another study in this issue, authors evaluated the neurodevelopmental status for urea cycle disorders, and found that peak ammonia levels and the frequency of hyperammonemic episodes have effects on neurological outcomes and there are still poor neurocognitive outcomes despite extracorporeal detoxification.

I would like to acknowledge the authors, the reviewers, editorial team and Galenos Publishing House for their support in the preparation of this issue. We look forward to your scientific contributions in our future issues.

Wish you beautiful autumn season full of joy, health and science.

Kind Regards,
Prof. Dr. Zülal Ülger Tutar