• Yeliz Çağan Appak

J Pediatr Res 2022;9(2):0-0

Dear JPR readers,

We are pleased to share with you the 2th issue of The Journal of Pediatric Research of 2022. Firstly, I would like to thank all the editorial board, reviewers, authors and the publishing house for their efforts. This issue consists of valuable studies of which eleven are original articles and four are case reports. Currently, COVID-19 studies continue in many areas all over the world, and in this issue, we share two studies related to impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on ‘’pediatric intensive care unit admissions’’ and ‘’flexible bronchoscopy implementation’’. We hope that you will be interested in reading the other studies that comprise different pediatric subjects. Dental anxiety, burden of asthma, oral health in ADHD, fecal calprotectin and IBH, MEFV mutations and allergic diseases, maternal and neonatal B12 and folate deficiencies, reducing the pain and stress of newborns during the venipuncture, Kawasaki disease, increasing breastfeeding rates, nasal actinomyces, extrarenal Wilms’ tumour, asfotase alfa treatment in hypophosphatasia, GVHD treatment with ruxolitinib are the main topics in the content of this issue.

As the JPR family, we are glad to bring together the new issues of the journal with you. We look forward to your valuable studies and scientific contributions.

Best wishes,
Dr. Yeliz Çağan Appak