• Feyza Koç

J Pediatr Res 2018;5(4):0-0

Dear Readers,

We are happy to welcome you to the last issue of The Journal of Pediatric Research in 2018.

We present to you 14 articles including 7 research articles and 7 case reports in the fourth issue of 2018. These articles have been written in different disciplines. The first research we present is “Seasonal variation of vitamin D via several parameters in adolescents”. This article emphasizes the importance of vitamin D. The next research article is about the oral and dental health status in hemophilic children and adolescents. We believe that the other research articles in this issue will also contribute to the literature. In addition, the case reports in this issue are rare and interesting cases in the literature such as “Bannayan-Riley-Ruvalcaba syndrome”, “Stenotrophomonas maltophilia sepsis presenting with perianal cellulitis” and “Renal lymphangiectasia”. The number of articles sent to our journal within the last year has increased. All articles are carefully evaluated by the editorial board and we work with great effort. As a result of this effort, we hope The Journal of Pediatric Research is to be in the Pubmed and SCI index in the next year.

We would like to acknowledge the members of our editorial board, reviewers, authors and Galenos Publishing House for preparing the fourth issue of 2018. We look forward to seeing your scientific research articles in our future issues.

We hope you benefit from these articles.

Best wishes and a happy new year.

Feyza Koç, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics,
Ege University Faculty of Medicine,
Department of Pediatrics, İzmir, Turkey