• Aslı Aslan

J Pediatr Res 2018;5(3):0-0

Dear Journal of Pediatric Research Readers,

We are so proud and happy to welcome you to the third issue of The Journal of Pediatric Research in 2018.

In the third issue of 2018, we present to you 13 articles including 7 research articles and 6 case reports from different disciplines. Four articles contain endocrinological studies. The first research we present evaluates the effect of obesity on the choroid tissue of the eye and the second article is an investigation into the effects of exercise and osteoporosis in Down syndrome children. Osteoporosis is a problem in Down syndrome children and research investigating the effect of exercise on bone mineral density in Down syndrome children contributes to the literature in this respect. The next piece of research is about oxidative stress and antioxidative enzymes in Type I diabetes mellitus. A novel HNF4A mutation in a case with MODY also contributes to the literature. We present in this issue a piece of research about tick bites and tick species which is also responsible from Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever and three pediatric surgery articles covering peptic ulcer perforation, neck mass and diaphragmatic evantrations. In addition, two articles focusing on Familial Mediterranean Fever and two rare conditions, peripheral facial palsy and Arthrogryposis-Renal dysfunction-Cholestasis syndrome, also aim to help the reader improve their clinical knowledge.

We would like to acknowledge the members of our editorial board reviewers, authors and Galenos Publishing House for preparing the third issue of 2018. We look forward to your scientific contributions in our future issues.

We hope you benefit from these articles.

Best wishes

Aslı Aslan MD,
Associate Professor of Pediatrics,
Ege University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, İzmir, Turkey