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Chemotherapeutic Drug Administration Mistakes Experienced by Nurses Working in Pediatric Oncology Units


  • Esra Tural Büyük
  • Emine Güdek
  • Zeynep Güney
  • Seher Yıldırım
  • Selma Akkoca

Received Date: 02.04.2014 Accepted Date: 10.10.2014 J Pediatr Res 2014;1(4):207-211


This study was conducted to determine which types of medication mistakes were encountered by nurses when administering chemotherapy drugs, what side effects were caused by these mistakes and the precautions taken in this regard.

Materials and Methods:

The research included a sample size of 23 nurses working in pediatric oncology units for at least one year and administering chemotherapy, all of whom agreed to participate in the study. The research data were collected using questionnaires prepared in accordance with the literature.


Of the nurses participating in the study, 91.3% had a bachelor’s degree and 65.2% had been working in the pediatric oncology unit for a period of less than five years. The types of chemotherapy drug medication mistakes included lack of proper written medication orders (87.0%), failure to administer the drug using the right technique (65.2%), mistakes related to correct dosage and timing (52.2%).


The results revealed that the nurses had experienced numerous medication mistakes related to chemotherapy drugs.

Keywords: Nurses, chemotherapy drugs, medication mistakes

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